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Cabin Crops (geothermal greenhouse)
1341 Collins Ridge Road, Harpers Ferry, IA 52146 View Map

(608) 732-5359
Rich and Donna Kelly
Cabin Crops (geothermal greenhouse)
Some may already know us or remember us from the Harper's farmers market, but did you know that you can buy locally grown from seed, veggie plants, baskets and flowers for your home/garden only a couple miles from Harpers Ferry?
Since our first encouraging plant sale last year and wonderful summer at the farmers market, we have built, with some local contractors help, a 102' geothermal greenhouse that can grow all year around. If you would like to take a free tour of our "pride and joy", we sure would like to show if off.
No big signs...
No big ads...
No pressure to buy anything....
Just locals willing to show others what can be possible even here in Northeast Iowa.
Doing what makes us happy!
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