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Gratzia Pizza (kosher) (old Brick Oven)
144 W Greene Street, Postville, IA 52162 View Map

(563) 864-7150 Website
Shirel Ben Harroush
Gratzia Pizza (kosher) (old Brick Oven)

For those who do not understand what it means to be a Kosher restaurant, here is very quick tutorial:

1) Foods are not blessed by rabbis to make them kosher.  Rather, someone (a Mashgeach) supervises the production of processed foods, in this case diary, to make sure that all the laws of being kosher have been followed;

2) Diary and meat cannot be eaten together-so this will be a dairy and vegan restaurant, offering "foni meat" products that are Kosher;

3) Grains, eggs, fruits, vegetables and fish are called PAREVE which means that they are neutral, neither meat nor dairy, and can be eaten with either food groups.


The menu at Gratzia Pizza is extensive! Pizza ranging from Chicago deep dish, vegan, traditional Margherity, and many more;offering both regular and gluten-free crusts.  Italian pasta with a variety of sauces to which you can add "foni" meats.  Also, burritos, salads and a multitude of side dishes. 

We will have coffee drinks, and pastry options.

We will have a pre-baked pizza, bake at home and carry out.

Menu will be in Spanish, Hebrew, and English.   Their menu can be viewed on their website listed above.

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