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Ellefson IT Services
Lansing, IA 52151

563-568-7834 Website
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Ellefson IT Services

IT support in my free time and for my 8-4..IT's what I do. If you need additional IT support to assist you, reach out to me. I'm available outside of contracted hours at Eastern Allamakee CSD.
Support your existing IT staff
Short handed on IT support staff? I understand that small businesses may have regular staff members taking care of IT support. People wear many different hats. There may not even be an IT staff member. Let me help!
Backup & Storage
Need a backup solution? I can help modify an existing backup solution or get you set up with a new backup solution that fits your needs.

Support available through email or text

Email or text me to schedule a time for fixing your IT issues. 

Reasonable Rates

You only pay for the time I'm there and any additional hardware or software costs. Since it's not my main source of income, I won't charge an arm or possibly a leg for it either.



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