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Living Sacred Soul fdba: LSCo Massage and Wellness
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Living Sacred Soul fdba: LSCo Massage and Wellness

Living Sacred Soul offers advanced bodywork, education for the mind, body, and spirit, readings, and immersive retreats.

For several years, I had been making choices so I could eventually open a healing retreat center. Ironically the pandemic just fast forwarded my plans a bit.
As you scroll through the menu, you will notice more immersive experiences and day packages. In addition, I offer energy healing classes and plan to have a full schedule this year with not only our favorite Medium Stacy but many other gifted practitioners. It's my goal to utilize the entire the Dharma House so we can cater to small groups....offering yoga, classes that enrich the soul, and bodywork services. I envision a day where small groups can gather to connect, learn, and enrich their lives.

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