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Earth Brew for Life

The traditional way of growing has, over time, deteriorated our soil environment to an all time low.  In order to grow nutrient dense foods, plants and trees, micro-organisms are the missing link.

By adding microorganisms to your dirt/ soil, you are changing the underground structure or soil system creating a family which leads to the following:

  1. Water Conservation

  2. Improved Water Quality

  3. Nutrient Reduction

In agricultural settings 


After microorganisms are introduced, your soil will have living structure and will be able to decrease erosion and leaching due to its ability to uptake or hold 80% of its weight in water.  Plants and grasses will also be able to utilize existing nutrients, requiring less nutrient application. 


In urban settings


 After microorganisms are introduced, your soil will have a living structure, your lawn will not need watering as often, nor will it require as much fertilizer because it will have the ability to retain more water, thus creating less stormwater runoff.  Grasses, plants and flowers will more efficiently utilize soil nutrients which already exist.  


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