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Hall Roberts Son, Inc.
139 W Greene St., Postville, IA 52162 View Map

Hall Roberts Son, Inc.

Hall Roberts' Son in Postville opened as a retail outlet back in 1864. Today, the distribution business has 28 full-time employees with the average employee staying with the company for more than 20 years.

Hall Roberts' Son has three dry storage warehouses in Postville, plus office space. There's no manufacturing, the company brings in products such as pet food and feeding ingredients and then distributes them in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa.

Chris Hoffert believes the company's secret to success for 150 years is customer service.

"This type of industry is still people industry. A handshake and a smile is good," said Hoffert.

Hoffert said it's an honor to be part of a company that has such deep roots in the community.

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