How Do You Say Allamakee?

Not sure how to pronounce "Allamakee"? You're not alone! Click on the link below to hear the correct pronunciation!

How Do You Say Allamakee?

Moving to Allamakee County?

Moving to Allamakee County?

If you are planning on relocating to Allamakee County, you have come to the right place. Moving to Allamakee County can be the ultimate vacation. The incredible climate, diverse cultures and scenic beauty makes a move to Allamakee County a smart choice. The cost of living is below the national average, with housing being varied and affordable. We hope to make your relocation a pleasant one. Please feel free to give our office a call at 800.824.1424 or visit any of these pages for more information.

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Location, Location, Location

Placing your industry in Allamakee County has all the business advantages of locating in Iowa. Plus an abundance of natural beauty, recreation, and leisure activities. We also have an excellent education system and access to health and other quality community services.

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Featured Business

GREEN VALLEY GETAWAY is Open for Business and Ready to Impress

Featured Business

 DO YOU NEED TO “GET AWAY” even if only for a couple of hours?  The perfect place to do that may be the newly opened Green Valley Getaway.

Green Valley Getaway is located on the north edge of Waukon at 78 16th Ave NW and is owned and operated by Brian and Ben Sweeney of Waukon.  Green Valley Getaway is one of Allamakee County Economic Development’s newest members.
In 1976 Ralph and Ilene Sweeney (Brian’s parents and Ben’s grandparents), constructed the par 3, 9-hole golf course and it was Ralph’s intent to bring young and novice people into the game of golf.  The Sweeney family sold the course in 2007 but was purchased by Brian and Ben in 2013.
Improvements and changes they have made include a complete interior remodeling, constructing a new commercial kitchen, added church pews for seating with custom tables and they restored a 1930’s bar from Dubuque.  All the improvemetns have built a welcoming and sociable atmosphere.  
Green Valley Getaway has quickly become that getaway place to sit and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the clubhouse and to enjoy a favorite beverage from the fully stocked bar or a pizza and sandwich from the menu.

The new owners have also created a  large covered patio where you will find the opportunity to enjoy a game of "corn hole toss", a  life size connect four or simply enjoy your favorite beverage.

"The patio can be a great place for receptions, weddings, parties and meetings," Ben Sweeney stated.

On the golfing side, they currently offer a practice range with plans to incorporate mini golf and disc golf in the near future.  There is so much green outdoor space that it is often used as a place for groups to set up a game of football or soccer or any type of outdoor sport.  

Ben stated that "It was a labor of love and it's so nice to see the facility finally open and watching people relax and having fun," Ben stated.
Green Valley Getaway is open Monday –Thursday 4:00 pm to close and Friday-Sunday 11:00 am to close.  The kitchen closes each day at 10:00 pm and provides carry-out service as well.  They currently have seven part-time employees to serve your needs.

Asked about future plans, Ben stated that besides expanding the golf course, they hope to add some new attractions that will entice visitors to stop and spend some time with them and they plan to be open year round adding some opportunities for winter activities.  

Brian and Ben invite everyone to stop out and see for themselves the  improvements that have taken place and be sure to visit their Facebook page.

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